Of All Origins and Ages, New Beginnings and A Place for Everything… are connected bodies of work that reflect my interest in cars and the mechanical, and the cultures that surround these. The projects consist of portraits of the people who dismantle and restore cars manufactured, on the whole, between the 1950’s and 1990’s, the vehicles themselves and the spaces where these projects are carried out and the gatherings where these projects get proudly shown.

The projects take a somewhat nostalgic perspective. The cars generally date from a pre digital era and my approach, using analogue photography, reflects both a nostalgic sentiment that is for me, embodied in film and my fascination with an analogy between the mechanical nature of the cars photographed and the cameras used to make the work. 

More recently my practice has found me attempting to make images in a more and more 'lo-fi' way, and by embracing the use of pinhole photography I am becoming fascinated with the concept of time, memory and place.